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Who I Am

Corpse Creations is run completely by me. I make everything myself, and love doing it. 

I appreciate each and every one of my customers, you all make it possible for me to work at home and stay with my daughter. That’s why I love to see pictures of you ghouls wearing your Corpse Creations apparel on my Instagram

A few words about

My History

My relationship with my grandma has made a big impression on me. From an early age, Grandma and I bonded over arts and crafts. She invited me to join in with her with her projects, and taught me basic techniques. 

Although my grasp of things was basic, at the age of 5 I was just completely fascinated. To me, it was amazing that someone I loved had this ability. With just simple scraps they could create beauty. That was priceless, imagine if I could have such an ability one day?

And then horror comes into focus. Alternative music, scary movies, and All Hallow’s Eve entered my world, and I just didn’t feel like letting go. Sometimes you just have to embrace the fact that you’re wicked! 😉 

From these sources, I stretched and grew. When hard times came, alternative music helped me understand and express myself. And so many great memories were created around spooky movies and good friends. Halloween brought me community, and most importantly-candy.

And so, with my debt to all things spooky firmly established, I stayed inspired, and desperately wanted one day to be able to contribute to its beauty.

As my skills with the arts and crafts grew, the less and less I cared about doing things the conventional way. I just wasn’t born with the dream to be some doctor with a huge house, and I sure as hell didn’t have it now. I just wanted to create. And so, I set up shop with Etsy.

The start was slow, but I stayed committed and engaged with like-minded friends on Instagram. Slowly, I upgraded my equipment and really began to expand my mind on what I thought was possible.


After an incredible amount of hard work, my shop was getting daily orders, and my fans were engaging with me by the hour. Suddenly, one day I woke up and discovered that Etsy had completely deleted any trace of my shop. I was horrified. 

Thankfully, the support of my wonderful followers enabled me to create CorpseCreations.com. This allowed me to take complete control over my relationship with my customers, and deliver a new level of service to them.

I am so excited to see what the future hold for us.

-Alyssa Navarro

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